Essential Repairs You will Need to Consider when Buying an Older Home


Older homes have a sense of history that you cannot find in the newer homes. However, do not be swayed away by the charm as there is so much more to a home than the beautiful decor. If you are serious about buying an old house, you should have a look at the building itself rather than the layout of the kitchen and whether or not the rooms are en-suite.

A few essential repairs makes the difference between stepping into a costly nightmare and a dream house that is free from costly repair. Here are a few important repairs that you should consider when buying an old home.

· Asbestos removal

Asbestos is a fire resistant product found in insulation, roofing, adhesive, flooring as well as in the paints of old homes in Christchurch, New Zealand. It does not cause any harm when undisturbed and in good condition. However, when it is scraped, sanded or sawed then inhaled, it can cause certain health complications which makes asbestos removal Christchurch vital.

Before buying an old home in Christchurch, New Zealand, contact a professional in the area to examine it for asbestos. 

· Foundation Problems

Ensuring that the foundation of the home you plan on buying is solid is a critical issue. This is because most old homes did not have suitable grading for water run-off which leads to mold and moisture buildup in the basement.

Signs of problems with the foundation of the house include cracks on the interior walls, fireplaces and windows, cracks on the basement floor, nail heads popping through the drywall, windows and doors that stick.

· Roofing materials

As a house ages, so does the roofing material and as the roofing ages, water can easily penetrate leading to expensive repairs or even replacement. Also an improperly installed roof can lead to premature aging and costly repair. For this reason, you should have the roofing of the house inspected before taking the plunge.

· Plumbing

Plumbing problems are common in old homes in New Zealand and they are not only limited to inside the house but can also be found in the sewer. You should have a reliable home builder company Christchurch assess the entire plumbing system and determine its effectiveness before buying the home.

· Electrical wiring

Faulty wiring is a major cause of house fires not only in New Zealand but also in other parts of the world. The electrical wiring in older homes maybe a problem as the old wiring can be unsuitable to use with the modern appliances hence the need to have the entire electrical wiring inspected and brought up to date. 

· Mold

Mold mostly occurs in houses with water leaks such as a leaky pipe, basement walls or roof. Therefore, check for water stains on the walls and roof and trace the source. Also, pay attention to any musty odor as it can indicate a possible mold problem. However, detecting a mold problem is not as easy, a specialist will help you solve the problem.

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